ALERT: Buffalo, Missouri

Officials in Buffalo, Missouri were asked to consider banning pit bulls in the city limits at the alderman meeting on January 9. The Board of Alderman are going to consult with the city attorney, and may look into an ordinance similar to that of Springfield, MO, which is breed specific.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to BSL to the Buffalo officials. Please also include viable alternatives, suggestions and good, breed-neutral ordinances for their consideration. E-mail contact information is not available, but correspondence may be faxed to city hall at (417) 345-2700.

There is also a POLL asking if the Buffalo Board of Alderman should consider regulating pit bulls. Please be sure to vote.

City Hall
102 N. Poplar
Buffalo, Mo 65622
Fax 417-345-2700

Buffalo aldermen asked to ban pit bulls in city limits

After being attacked by a pit bull terrier and seeing his own dog killed by the same dog two weeks later, Don Payton said it’s time for Buffalo to ban pit bulls from the city limits.

Payton addressed the Buffalo Board of Aldermen at its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 9, and asked for an ordinance to prohibit the dogs from being present in the city.

“These dogs are vicious. They’re cruel and they don’t belong in the city of Buffalo,” he said.

Payton was involved in an incident with a pit bull on Friday, Dec. 30, when he called to report the animal killing another dog, according to a report from the Buffalo Police Department. Police arrived less than 10 minutes later to find a pit bull biting and shaking a white dog, which was dead. When two officers exited their car, according to the report, the pit bull dropped the dog and charged at them aggressively, leaving the officers forced to shoot and kill the pit bull.

But, others present at Monday night’s meeting said not all pit bulls are bad. Cookie Hawkins said her family owned a pit bull which was an excellent dog. She said although she would hate to see anyone injured, she didn’t agree with banning one breed of dog.

“I think if you ban one breed, pretty soon you’ll be banning another breed and another breed,” she said.

She also wondered why the particular dog involved in the incident on Dec. 30 hadn’t been handled by the Buffalo Police Department and the city pound in accordance with the city’s vicious dog ordinance.

Payton said it was because the pound was unresponsive.

“You can leave a thousand messages down there at that dog pound and you’ll never get a call back,” he said.

Mayor Andrew Mead said he felt there may be constitutional limitations on just what the city could impose regarding pit bull restrictions, and proposed discussing the matter with the city attorney.

Springfield enacted an ordinance restricting pit bull ownership in 2006 after a pit bull attacked and severely injured a child in that city. Now, in Springfield, owners have to register their dogs with animal control, prove the dogs are vaccinated for rabies, pay $50 annually to register the dog, have a microchip inserted in the dog, keep the dog enclosed on the property and muzzled and leashed when outside of the owner’s property, and display a 8-inch by 10-inch sign that says “pit bull dog” at all entrances to their property, among other restrictions.

Mead and alderman Bob Whetsten said the city may consider alternatives similar to Springfield’s regulations to address breed-specific concerns in Buffalo after consulting with the city attorney.

Lynn Payton, department head of Buffalo Animal Control, was not at Monday night’s meeting.


One response to “ALERT: Buffalo, Missouri

  1. I keep saying that this is stereotyping and would never be tolerated if they were people. People have to get educated about them, meet them, and not go only by what the media puts out because they only put out the negative news. I am so tired of this. I am sorry this man and his dog were attacked but it has been shown that bans are not effective. condemning all pit bulls is not the answer.

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