UPDATE: Donnellson, Iowa

Per the Donnellson city clerk, no decisions were made last night with respect to any animal control proposals on the table. She advised that Mayor Young is not in favor of a breed ban. He would like to see fines increased, and wants the city police department to enforce it the law.

She stressed that the city is experiencing chronic problems with specific dogs/dog owners, and would like an ordinance that targets reckless, irresponsible dog owners rather than singling out breeds. A two person committee is to meet with the police chief this month and come back to the February meeting with ideas.

If you’ve been following the events in Donnellson, news articles have indicated that the mayor is in favor of a breed ban. This alert, as well as the one just posted for Ridgely, Maryland, emphasize the huge disadvantage we have in relying on the media for our information. That is why it is so helpful to us when we have people on the ground, interacting with officials, and giving us reliable information on the events taking place. These last two alerts really make me appreciate you guys and your help all that much more!

Despite what we read in the news, there is a lot of potential that the situation in Donnellson can have a positive outcome.

Please encourage the officials in Donnellson to move forward with an ordinance that targets problem dog owners rather than specific breeds of dogs. Please also provide viable alternatives,suggestions and good, breed-neutral ordinance for the committee, as well as the city’s, consideration.

Bill Young- Mayor

Dave Ellingboe – Mayor Pro Tem

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