BSL still on the table in Slater, MO

After a third hearing on a proposed breed specific ordinance, and a successful argument made against BSL during that meeting, a fourth hearing on the animal ordinance has been requested. No new date has been set at this time.

Please continue to send your polite, respectful and informative letters to the Slater city officials with your opposition to breed specific legislation. Please also provide viable alternatives and suggestions for their consideration, as well. Contact information for individual city officials is not available, but you may send correspondence via the city’s e-mail, fax and snail mail address listed below.

Slater City Hall
232 North Main Street
Slater, MO 65349
Phone: 660.529.2271
Fax: 660.529.2593

Slater anticipates fourth animal ordinance hearing
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marshall Democrat-News

Two-dozen pictures of pit bull look-a-likes hung on a board at Slater City Hall.

Each dog carried the coloring or stereotypical markings of the animal, but only one tested DNA positive for pit bull blood.

Veterinarian Jane Waller failed to identify it by its picture, which represented a portion of the difficulty enforcing breed specific laws.

At the Slater animal ordinance hearing on Jan. 18, she cautioned against breed specific legislature.

“Any dog has the potential to hurt someone,” Waller said. “…with a bigger dog, you’re always going to have a risk.”

While the previous two animal ordinance hearings revolved around citizen concerns and complaints, this third hearing called for a professional opinion. Waller contributed a veterinarian’s perspective on a variety of issues in the animal ordinance. As she addressed the council and 20 residents in attendance, she cautioned against breed specific laws, encouraged micro chipping and warned about the immediate disposal of stray cats.

She cited Booneville’s animal ordinance as well as some trouble the city has had enforcing it.

“To me it looks like that ordinance is going to be hard to follow,” Waller said.

Slater Mayor Stephen Allegri explained the ordinance wasn’t designed to hurt responsible pet owners.

“We’re not a mean town,” he said. “I think a lot of it would be complaint driven.”

Comments were taken at the end of Waller’s speech. One resident suggested the council had exaggerated the stray cat problem. Another recommended the council replace the fine for a first offending dog-at-large with a warning.

Councilman Terry Jordan closed the meeting by asking that another hearing be arranged. He noted that the citizens had successfully worked through the “decision tree” worksheet and had heard a professional opinion, but the residents had seen minimal interaction with the actual ordinance. Allegri agreed, but a date was not set.

Councilmen Jordan, Harry Lightfoot and Brownell Bryant were present.


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