Jackson, MS says “NO!” to BSL

The reporter is certainly correct with his use of the word languish to describe how long this proposal has been before the Jackson, MS officials. It was initially proposed in November 2008, and it has been in committee ever since.

It should be noted, however, that the new committee chair doesn’t believe breeds can be banned “per say,” meaning in and of itself, so residents would be wise to continue to follow this to ensure any new proposals would truly strenghten the laws already on the books rather than single out specific breeds of dogs.

Dangerous dog proposal may resurface
7:47 PM, Jan. 19, 2012

A proposal to ban certain breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous” was dismissed unanimously by the Rules Committee under its new chairman last week.

But it may resurface in another form.

Chairman Quentin Whitwell said in an interview this week that he wants to strengthen the laws the city already has.

“I don’t think you can outlaw a breed of dogs persay, but I do believe that there are some children that are at risk in certain neighborhoods,” he said.

The original proposal dates back to Whitwell’s predecessor in Ward 1, Jeff Weill. Weill argued that an outright ban on pit bulls would remove any gray area, forcing the city to enforce its laws. But the proposed ban has languished in committee ever since, with most council members in favor of doing something, but unsure of what.

“We’re going to do some committee research about strengthening some of the ordinances that we do have,” Whitwell said. “Our biggest problem right now is that Animal Control is so small of a division and so limited in what they can do and what they have done that we have an enforcement problem.”



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