BSL ALERT: Wagamatcook, NS, Canada

A resident has asked the Wagamatcook Band Council to consider banning pit bulls, and the Council has indicated that a pit bull ban is on their agenda. Wagamatcook is a community of approximately 700 people and, according the article, an animal control officer is only there 3 times a week.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative letters in opposition to BSL to the Band Council, along with your viable alternatives and suggestions for their consideration.

Council of Wagmatcook Band
PO Box 30001
Wagmatcook, NS
B0E 3N0
Phone: (902) 295-2598
(902) 295-3222
Fax: (902) 295-3398

Call for pit bull ban after Wagmatcook attack
Girl, 7, bitten by dog while playing

CBC News
Posted: Jan 24, 2012

A Wagmatcook, N.S., mother wants pit bulls banned from her reserve after one attacked her daughter last week.

Charlotte Bernard’s neighbour’s dog Boss attacked her seven-year-old in front of her home in the Cape Breton community.

Charlize Bernard said she was sliding down a hill when the dog struck.

“I was really scared and he attacked me,” Charlize said Tuesday.

The pit bull grabbed her from behind and shook her. The girl has a bruised back caused when the dog’s teeth ripped through her coat.

It then attacked a second time and bit the girl’s leg.

Brother saves the day

Her 13-year-old brother Edwin kicked the dog and stopped the attack.

“Charlize was screaming and it went back to her, so I kicked it harder and it just went off and ran down the hill,” he said.

The pit bull involved in this attack was destroyed.

The same dog attacked Anne Isador last year. She needed six stitches.

“It scares me every time I see a dog. I am afraid of the dog,” Isador said.

Charlotte Bernard said her daughter is now frightened of dogs. She wants pet owners to be held responsible for the actions of their animals.

“They should ban the pit bulls. If not, at least get them tagged and tie them up,” she said.

Wagmatcook has a dog bylaw and a control officer visits about three times a week.

The Wagmatcook band council said banning pit bulls is on their agenda.


2 responses to “BSL ALERT: Wagamatcook, NS, Canada

  1. It has nothing to do with the dog it is the owners. The people who seem to own these poor dogs are the ones who teach the behaviour either by mistreated or neglect Why is it so easy to say ban the dog maybe just once we should be looking at the people who own the dogs. Any dog will attack given the living conditions and abuse.

  2. This is NOT about a bad breed but rather about irresponsible owners. This is almost always the case. There needs to be a sense of awareness around neutering/spaying animals AND being accountable. ANY dog should not be permitted to run free. ANY dog will bite if not properly trained and handled. Truly, a big mistake, yet again will be banning a breed when in fact it is the human at fault.

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