New Mexico: Breed specific bill OFF agenda!!

This is GREAT news, but New Mexico residents, don’t let your guard down. I would not be surprised if Senator Wilson Beffort brings this bill back during the regular session when the Governor’s approval is not required.

Pet News In Brief

Breed-specific bill off agenda

A controversial bill proposed to change the definition of the state’s Dangerous Dog Act won’t be heard this legislative session.

The Governor’s Office told KOAT-TV recently that Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort’s bill to define pit bulls as dangerous dogs won’t be placed on the agenda. The spokesman said the governor was concerned over portions of the proposed legislation and increased costs associated with the bill.

Beffort told KOAT that she wanted to tighten up loopholes in the law and require pit bull owners to register their dogs. Peggy Weigle of Albuquerque’s Animal Humane New Mexico said she applauded the governor’s decision. Weigle said the group backs dangerous dog legislation, but doesn’t back breed-specific legislation.

“It doesn’t work,” Weigle told the station, and few people can identify breeds of dogs.


2 responses to “New Mexico: Breed specific bill OFF agenda!!

  1. By the way, “pit bulls” are banned from our major City, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. So gratefully I live 6 km outside of the city. But how dare somebody blame the breed instead of the owner. Any dog can be trained to kill.

  2. Bless the bullies. I never thought i could say that. But bless me and my pitty who came to me in an unusual situation. Who knew. This would not have been my first choice but she needed a home until someone adopted her. We fell in love and now there is not other for us. She is amazing. My Girl has an ability to see and understand where a doggie is coming from. She is so loving and adjusts her behavior to the dog she is with.
    I am caretaking a lovely little sheltie with a nasty disposition. And my “pitty” reads her and taught her how to play. It is amazing. I am so blessed to have this beautiful pitty in my life.
    I am 62, I just hope I can keep this one year old girl busy enough to amuse her and keep her challenged.

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