UPDATES: Wentzville, MO & Fond du Lac, WI

Many thanks to all those who attended the meetings in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and Wentzville, Missouri tonight! We’ve got a couple of very positive updates.

Fond du Lac, WI (Thank you, Jill!)
Thanks to all the people who showed up to defend a great breed of dog, the Fond du Lac pit bull ban has been dropped. There were so many people there, we were over capacity at the FDL court house!

The FDL Reporter has some great photos of the crowd that showed up to voice their opposition to the council.

Wentzville, MO (Thank you, Teal!)

The ordinance will be presented on Feb 8th. Discussion tonight was to remove all breed wording and ramp up fines for irresponsible owners.

Have no doubt, your voice DOES make a difference! We are creating positive change one city at a time. Keep up the incredible work everyone!


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