Repeal of BSL a possibility in Springfield, MO!

In Novmeber 2011, KSPR 33 did a story on the Springfield, Missouri pit bull ordinance five years after being enacted. The story revealed that dog bites were actually higher despite the ordinance.

At that time, Springfield City Councilman Doug Burlison tried, as he has been trying since 2008, to get the city to repeal the current breed specific ordinance and pass a generic vicious dog ordinance. We encouraged Springfield residents to continue to support and encourage Councilman Burlison’s efforts in this regard. It looks like those efforts may be paying off.

The city of Springfield is looking to update its animal control ordinance, and is creating a task force to look at several issues. The possibility of dropping the breed specific language from the ordinance could be a consideration. Residents are encouraged to reach out to their officials and encourage passing a breed-neutral ordinance that works to maintain the safety and wellness of all members of the community – humans and animals.

In addition, residents interested in becoming a member of the task force are asked to call the Springfield City Clerk’s office at (417) 864-1653.

Springfield, MO contact info:

Mayor Jim O’Neal

Jerry Compton

Cinty Rushefsky

Doug Burlison

Thomas Bieker

Bob Stephens

Scott Bailes

John Rush

Only the relevant portion of today’s article is included below, but can be found in its entirety in the link immediately beneath the article.

Springfield City Council Aims To Tackle Animal Issues With New Task Force

by Jonah Kaplan, KSPR News
4:18 a.m. CST, February 13, 2012


Springfield City Council meets Monday night and animal care is on the agenda.

Council members say they want to update Springfield’s shelter and some pet ordinances.

* * *

Second, it’s been five years since an ordinance took effect requiring pit bull owners to register their dogs, but it hasn’t really changed anything. The task force could recommend the ordinance drop the pit bull language.

Council members hope to appoint as many as 15 people on the task force, and are asking members of the greater community to pitch in their time and join the effort.

If you’d like to join the discussion, you can call the Springfield City Clerk’s office at (417) 864-1653,0,497143.story


2 responses to “Repeal of BSL a possibility in Springfield, MO!

  1. stephanie shelton

    I called today about joining the taskforce, the said all spots have been filled 😦

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