Peaceful protest in Memphis, TN to oppose “kill all pit bulls” mandate

A city leader in Memphis, TN was recorded telling employees at the Memphis Animal Shelter to “kill all the pit bulls, or any dog that looks like a pit bull.” This is the latest in a string of unethical and disturbing news related to what takes place at Memphis shelter.

Not long ago, we learned that the Detroit, Michigan shelter had the same policy with respect to pit bulls. A controversy was sparked there by Ace, an emaciated, abandoned stray pit bull euthanized because of his breed despite the pleas of many to help him. Concerned and outraged citizens and organizations took a stand to oppose the mass killing of a specific breed at the Detroit Metro shelter, and because of this, talks are in the works to change that policy. Memphis area residents have the opportunity to make the same change. Concerned residents must make their voices heard regarding the Memphis shelter’s biased policy to “kill all pit bulls.”

In that regard, SOS Memphis, a group supporting reform of the Memphis shelter, is planning a peaceful protest on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. at the corner of Poplar Avenue and Highland. Anyone seeking additional information should contact:

A more detailed video is included with the link to this article.

Should we Euthanize Pit Bulls?
Updated: Thursday, 16 Feb 2012, 10:34 PM CST
Published : Thursday, 16 Feb 2012, 10:34 PM CST

Memphis, Tn – A high-ranking Memphis city leader was recorded telling employees at the Memphis Animal Shelter to “kill all the pit bulls, or any dog that looks like a pit bull.”

The recording has been leaked on the web leaving animal advocates outraged. 270 pit bulls were reportedly killed by the shelter in November.

A doctor from the shelter’s advisory board even admitted they were killing almost all the pit bulls taken in and hardly put them up for adoption.

Pit bulls may have a bad rap, but is this type of mass murder of a breed acceptable?

Heather Long from joined Ernie Freeman to discuss.


7 responses to “Peaceful protest in Memphis, TN to oppose “kill all pit bulls” mandate

  1. Who is this “public official” and how can I contact him/her? I believe this information needs to be made public, if it isn’t already. I am thoroughly disgusted and this breed discrimination MUST stop! I wish I could be there to show my support to SOS Memphis. My Bubba and I will be cheering them on from here in Illinois. If anyone knows who the public official was that gave this order I would love to know. There is no love like Pittie love! ❤

  2. Danielle Bennett

    this is so sad and so deeply disturbing im literally sick to my stomach!!!!! I have two beautiful pitbulls, one of which is pregnant…and they are more me than any of my blood. Sorry they didnt live up to all your discriminations n licked ur face off instead of gnawing it off 🙂 STOP BSL!!!! First it was bloodhounds hated for catching run away slaves then it was the German shepherds because of the Nazis….whos to.blame for all the pitbull discrimination? Maybe the owners??? Its not the breed its the owners. I tell anyone who hates pits to come spend 10 minutes with mine and see if it doesnt change ur prospective of these beautiful animals!!!! LOVE PITBULLS FOREVER N WE WILL FIGHT TILL THE END!!!!

  3. If I lived in Tenn. I’d be there with my Hazel. We will be there in spirit. BSL is so wrong and just destroyes innocent dogs. For examples of great pitbulls check out Cesar Millon’s Pitbull of the Year contest..

  4. Probably a good thing I’m in Texas, to far to attend this “peaceful ” protest. I’d probably throw rocks!! BSL is WRONG & should be done away with!! The sooner the better!!!

  5. This just is outrageous. There are many pitbull rescues that could take this dogs and find homes for them. This is breed discrimination. The Memphis Animal Shelter should do everything they can get this dog adopted or to a rescue instead killing every single pitbull.

  6. i am proud to say my dog is part pit bull

  7. This is crazy! When are people going to realize that just because a dog is a certain breed does not make this dog a bad dog? Why is it that we allow murderers, rapists, and other cruel people continue to walk our streets but feel the need to murder innocent animals?

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