Ontario Bill 16 and “Yes we can!” rally on Feb. 23

Bill 16, which would repeal the “pit bull ban” that took effect in Ontario, Canada in August 2005, is scheduled for a second reading on February 23, 2012. A rally in support of the Bill will take place in Queen’s Park in Toronto on February 23 starting at 11:30 a.m.

Fresh on the heels of the passing of HB14 in Ohio, we have incredible mementum behind us. Lets keep that momentum going, and end BSL in Ontario! Please encourage anyone and everyone to attend the rally in Queen’s Park on Thursday. Its important to make a huge statement against breed specific legislation in order to deter other communities from passing BSL, as well as encourage the passing of breed-neutral laws that focus on reckless and irresponsible owners rather than specific breeds of dogs.

There are two very informative websites covering the progress of Bill 16, including contact information and links to make your voice heard, as well as additional information on this week’s rally:

Support Hershey’s Bill and Bring Back the Bulls.

You can read and follow the progress of Bill 16 yourself at this link: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/bills/bills_detail.do?locale=en&Intranet=&BillID=2552

Please support this very important Bill and make positive change in Ontario, Canada!


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