BSL ALERT: Upland, California

The city of Upland, California is currently considering an ordinance that would require that “pit bulls” be spayed or neutered. The measure was tabled at the council meeting yesterday, but is slated to come up again in May. Several cities in Ventura County are currently considering the same type of breed specific ordinance. However, Upland is in San Bernadino County, which illustrates the domino effect of BSL, and why it is so important to oppose these type of ordinances.

Regardless of your position on spaying and neutering of pets, it is important to remember that any law that applies to one breed or grouping of dogs involves the practice of breed profiling and is breed specific legislation. Breed specific MSN is fraught with the many problems associated with BSL, and opens the door for future additional breed restrictions.

Please contact the Upland city officials and politely and respectfully encourage them to seek a solution that does not single out one breed of dog. Suggested alternatives can be found here.

Upland City Hall
460 N. Euclid Ave.
Upland, Ca 91786
(909) 931-4100

City Clerk

Mayor and City Council

City Manager

Council Agendas and Minutes:

City Council Advisory Committee to recommend changes to dog-related municipal codes, holds on mandatory spay, neuter

Sandra Emerson, Inland Valley Daily

Created: 04/05/2012 11:49:16 AM PDT

UPLAND – The City Council Advisory Committee on Wednesday tabled discussion on making the spaying and neutering of pit bulls and pit bulls mixes mandatory.

The committee reviewed a proposal from Animal Services to establish the breed-specific code, but decided to return to the issue at its May meeting.

The committee asked staffers to prepare a cost analysis associated with the code as well as an enforceable policy to be implemented.

“Bring back something to us saying here’s the policy we’d like to institute,” Committee Chairman Tom Mitchell said.

The committee did agree to recommend the City Council approve amendments to the city’s municipal code on vicious and dangerous dogs as well as their municipal code for the Baldy View Dog Park.


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