Opportunity to repeal BSL in Kingsford, MI!

A grass roots effort by residents has resulted in the Kingsford, Michigan officials creating a committee to look into the possibility of repealing the city’s breed specific ordinance. Please contact the Kingsford city officials and encourage them to work with residents to create an ordinance that is fair, effective, and ensures the health, safety and welfare of all members in the community.

City of Kingsford
305 South Carpenter Avenue
Kingsford, MI 49802
(906) 774-3526

The Kingsford city council meets on the first and third Monday of every month.

Kingsford mulls ban on pit bulls

May 8, 2012


KINGSFORD – Kingsford will take another look at a ban on pit bulls that has been in effect for 25 years.

The city council on Monday received a petition signed by more than 150 people objecting to the city’s pit bull ordinance.

The city has general bans on vicious and dangerous dogs, but pit bull terriers are the only breed specifically prohibited.

The petition was presented by Mary Beth Schupp, a Cleveland Avenue resident who said there are a number of pit bulls in Kingsford that cause no problems.

“It’s not the dog, it’s how they’re trained,” she said.

Several other people spoke against the pit bull ban, which was adopted by the city in 1987.

Gerald Martin said he recently moved to Kingsford, unaware of the ban, and is now boarding his dog at a cost of hundreds of dollars per month.

Diane Luczak, manager of the Springlake Animal Shelter, said she is a pit bull supporter and owner. “It’s all how they’re raised and trained,” she said.

Luczak added that the city could modify its ordinance to allow pit bulls, but require that they be neutered or spayed. “We need to make people responsible,” she said.

Not all pit bulls have been removed from the city, largely because there have been no specific complaints against them, Schupp said.

However, the 1987 ordinance sets out provisions for the seizure, impoundment and euthanization of pit bulls if owners fail to comply.

Schupp said a friendly pit bull that was in her care in Kingsford is now “in hiding” because of a warning she received from an animal control officer.

“I don’t believe that one specific breed should be targeted,” said petitioner Debbie Lantagne.

Mayor Michael Flaminio said that, while “there are many pit bulls that are not dangerous at all,” the issue of city liability must be kept in mind.

A committee consisting of City Manager Tony Edlebeck, City Attorney Bruce Brouillette, Public Safety Director Tim Gussert and council members Dennis Baldinelli and Cynthia Miller-Dixon will look into the pit bull issue and make a recommendation.



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