UPDATE: West Fork, Arkansas

Great turn out at last night’s city council meeting for a town of less than 2,500 people. No action was taken on the proposed pit bull ban, and no one in attendance was in favor of BSL.

Mayor Hime is extremely open to suggestions from the public on this matter. Please continue to contact the West Fork city officials and urge them to work with their community to craft an ordinance that puts the focus on irresponsible and reckless dog owners rather than specific breeds of dogs.

The council will next meet on June 12, 2012.

City of West Fork, Arkansas
P.O. Box 339
West Fork, AR 72774
Phone: (479) 839-2342
Fax: (479) 839-3335
Email: city@westforkar.gov

Possible Pit Bull Ban in West Fork Sparks Community Reaction

By: Marissa Stevens
Updated: May 8, 2012

A possible ban on pit bulls in West Fork had a lot of people talking during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The West Fork City Council wanted to hear what residents had to say and they definitely heard some very strong opinions.

“As long as you don’t breed them to fight or nothing like that, there’s nothing wrong with a pit,” said Michael Brown.

West Fork Mayor Frances Hime decided it was time to talk about the breed after a significant number of pit bull attacks on both people and animals.

“Given that number of incidents, is why we decided we would address it…We don’t really understand why we’ve had this sudden influx of so many of the breed type running loose in the city, why they’re suddenly showing up in our town.”

Not a single resident was in favor of the breed-specific ban at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Instead, they want to see harsher punishments for irresponsible owners.

“They just need to start ticketing people and enforcing the fines on any dog at large, whether it’s a yorkie or a pit bull, to me it makes no difference,’ said Jacqueline Dunn.

While some believe pit bulls have gained a bad reputation, Mayor Hime is not one to judge.

“We understand that not all pit bulls are that way.”

City officials said they will work with residents and hopefully come up with a compromise that makes all dog owners happy.

“I just want to be able to walk my dogs in my neighborhood and not have any other dog running up to them. I think that’s a pretty basic right that all of us want, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask…As long as you keep your dog behind a fence or on a leash away from me and my dogs, that’s really all I care about,” said Dunn.

This ban would include any pit bull breed, so that means American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Bull Dogs
Mayor Hime said there is already a vicious animal ordinance in West Fork, but after the recent pit bull attacks, the city hopes additional regulations will keep people safe.



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