Maryland delegates draft bill to eliminate presumption of dangerous dog

Maryland Delegates Michael Smigiel and Heather Mizeur have drafted a bill to eliminate the presumption of dangerous dogs in Maryland. The draft bill can be found on Delegate Smigiel’s blog.

Delegates Smigiel and Mizeur are asking that we contact the Speaker of the House, Michael Busch, and ask that their bill be sent to committee for a public hearing and allowed to come to the floor for a vote:

Speaker of the House
Michael Busch
(410) 841-3800
(301) 858-3800
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3800 (toll free)
Fax: (410) 841-3880 or (301) 858-3880

Please also show your support and thank Delegates Michael Smigiel and Heather Mizeur for their work and efforts to overturn the Court’s ruling and helping to ensure that dogs are not judged dangerous by their breed or their appearance:

In addition, you can find your respective delegate to let them know you support this very important bill here. If you know the name of your delegate, contact information for him or her can be found here.

Shore’s GOP legislators ready with special session agendas

Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2012 1:00 am
By CHRIS KNAUSS Staff Writer

* * *

Hershey and Del. Michael Smigiel, R-36-Cecil, both say the legislature should act to override a recent court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous dogs.

“Most animal groups and owners argue that you can not have breed specific definitions regarding propensity for being declared inherently dangerous,” said Smigiel.

“The question is whether an irresponsible human teaches the dog, any breed, Doberman, Rottweiler, pit bull, German Sheppard, to be aggressive. Maryland law has specific criteria for determining what a dangerous dog is and the court just changed that law.

“Also, as a result of the ruling, landlords are going to be responsible for allowing people to rent property with these dogs. … You also have the problem of determining whether a dog is 51 percent or 5 percent pit bull, what mix of dogs? The court created a mess that many are having to deal with and it is just serendipity that the special session allows us the opportunity to fix this situation before it is too late.”

Del. Jacobs, R-36-Kent, said he has heard that only the revenue bills will be up for debate during the special session.

“It’s only the unfinished pieces” from the 2013 budget, he said, “nothing from the legislature.” Anyone could file a bill, but it would most likely be sent to committee and sit there, he said.

Hershey echoed Jacob’s comments.


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