UPDATE: Kingsford, MI – Possible repeal of BSL still on the table

The Kingsford, Michigan city council met Monday night to discuss repealing the city’s pit bull ordinance. The below article is vague as to the end result of those discussions and, specifically, whether or not the issue was still pending. I just spoke with the city clerk for clarification. She advised that the issue is still on the table, and a committee has been formed to review the current ordinance. She did not know when this would next come before the council, but advised that the agenda and minutes can be found on the city’s website, http://www.cityofkingsford.com.

Please continue to contact the Kingsford city officials and encourage them to work with residents to create an ordinance that is fair, effective, and ensures the health, safety and welfare of all members in the community. Please remember it is so very important that all communications with officials be professional and respectful.

City of Kingsford
305 South Carpenter Avenue
Kingsford, MI 49802
(906) 774-3526

Pit bull topic dominates discussion at council meeting
by Beth Cefalu
Posted: 05.22.2012

KINGSFORD — The ban on pit bulls dominated Monday night’s Kingsford City Council meeting.

Last week pit bull supporters appeared with a petition containing over 150 signatures. Mary Beth Schupp, who organized the petition, says there’s no reason to single out a breed. She says any dog can be vicious.

“I’ve never been so outraged in my life over a pit bull that’s done nothing,” said Schupp.

But another resident, Bob Goodreau, told city council members that a pit bull broke through a screen door while walking his daughter’s shih-tzu and pinned it to the ground. He says an animal with that strength should remain banned.

“Not just taking the dogs away, but physically having fines and penalties for having those animals because you just don’t know,” said Goodreau. “I don’t wanna take a chance getting bit by one.”

Councilman Brian Smeester made a motion to temporarily suspend the ban until the committee reaches a decision, but failed to get support from other council members.



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