BSL ALERT: Marianna, Arkansas

The city of Marianna, Arkansas is considering an ordinance that would regulate the ownership of “pit bulls” in the city limits. According to the city clerk, the rough draft of the ordinance has not yet been presented to the council, however, she confirmed the city is considering a breed specific ordinance.

The council agenda will be available on July 6, and if the ordinance is complete, it will be presented to the council during their meeting on Tuesday, July 10. If you would like to address the council during the meeting, please call the city clerk’s office to have your name added to the agenda.

In the meantime, please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to breed specific legislation to the Marianna city officials via the City Clerk, Kim Miles. Please also include alternatives, suggestions, and the many flaws of breed specific laws for their consideration, as well.

City Clerk/Treasurer
Kim Miles
35 S. Poplar St.
Marianna, AR 72360
Phone: (870) 295-6089 ext.6
Fax: (870) 295-5726

Mayor Jimmy Williams


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