North Beach, MD repeals BSL!

In the wake of a week full of unhappy news, its nice to be able to post something positive. We reported back in April that the town of North Beach, Maryland was considering repealing their breed specific ordinance. We learned this week that the repeal has received final approval.

The previous alert for North Beach can be found here:

North Beach Finalizes Recycling Plan, Dog Law

North Beach, MD – 7/14/2012
By Marty Madden

* * *

Ordinance Amended

The council voted unanimously to amend a town ordinance regarding dangerous dogs. The ordinance had previously banned pit bulls in North Beach. The revised measure prohibits “dangerous animals.”

The change is more in line with Calvert County’s Animal Control Ordinance, which includes statutes regarding ownership of “dangerous animals.” North Beach is served by the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, which includes an Animal Control unit. While county officials refused to enforce the town’s ban on pit bulls,North Beach Town Attorney John Shay said he has been assured by Calvert’s County Attorney John Norris that sheriff’s department employees “will cooperate” in the enforcement of North Beach’s revised ordinance.


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