Opportunity for repeal in Troy, Missouri

A group asking the Troy, Missouri Board of Aldermen to consider making changes to the current pit bull ordinance presented their concerns to city officials last week. Shane Amerosa, who recently purchased a home in Troy, headed the group’s presenters. He purchased the home not knowing about the ban, and he is a owner of a pit bull.

Shane has asked that we please contact the Troy city officials and politely and respectfully encourage them to pursue a breed-neutral ordinance. You are also encouraged to leave your positive comments on the website of the below article as to why you support the repeal.

The groundwork has been laid, and by all accounts, excellent arguments were made to the council. Shane thought it would help if the city heard from others who support the group’s efforts, and I know he would appreciate your help.

Troy Mayor & City Council

There is also a petition to repeal the pit bull ordinance which can be found at this link:

Group petitions for change in current pit bull ban ordinance
Posted on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 9:17 am

A group asking the Troy City Board of Aldermen to consider making changes to the current pit bull ban ordinance brought their concerns before the officials last week.

Shane Amerosa, who recently purchased a home on Huntington Drive, headed the group’s presenters. He purchased the home not knowing about the ban and is a owner of a pit bull.

“I come before you (board) to ask that you consider amending the existing pit bull ordinance to an aggressive dog ordinance that would be based on the actions of the dog and not their breed,” he asked in his presentation.

In looking at the minutes of board meetings held in 2009 when the ordinance was enacted, Amerosa said, “numerous complaints were filed on both the dog owners whose irresponsibility led to this ban. If the owner had been penalized monetarily more than likely they would have made sure that their dogs were properly secured on their property and not allowed to run at large. The other party may have abated by the existing ordinance concerning the number of dogs allowed to be kept inside the city limits.”

He said the current ordinance punishes responsible dog owners more than it does the irresponsible owners. “The ban infringes on several constitutional rights,” he said. “Our dogs are being deemed vicious without any process being taken to establish this.”

He presented Mayor Mark Cross with petitions containing hundreds of signatures from persons who feel the current ordinance is punitive to responsible property owners.

“When collecting signatures for this cause, the majority of the people that I spoke with had no problems with the breed (pit bulls) at all,” he said. “Out of the few people that were opposed to amending the ban most of them would not give any reasons why the ban should be left in place. I feel the key to keeping a community safe from all dogs in general is education. If people are educated how to properly care for their dogs and train them properly the dogs would be better suited for interaction with other people and animals. I beg this board to take into the consideration this information and work on implementing regulations that would keep the community safe without punishing responsible owners of any one certain breed.”

Mayor Cross thanked the concerned citizens for their comments adding the city will include those comments as part of a review of the ordinance by officials and city attorney. The issue will probably be placed on next month’s agenda.



2 responses to “Opportunity for repeal in Troy, Missouri

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  2. I absolutely do not agree with a breed specific ban. It is rediculous and totally outdated. Look around the world innocent dogs are being taken and killed for nothing more than what you perceive them to be. You need to reconsider this outdated point of view and start punishing the deed and not the breed. If a dog is taught to attack it wil if it is trained as well as mine are to sit stay come, wait and any other command i choose to teach them. I AM WHO MAKES MY DOGS WHO THEY and WHAT THEY ARE. me and only me they are not responsible how hard is it to understand?

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