UPDATE: Covington, Louisiana

On May 2, 2012 the Covington, Louisiana city council president suggested the council consider a law to restrict pit bull ownership in the city limits. Not long after, the proposal expanded to include “a group of breeds that are considered vicious.”

Previous alerts for Covington, Louisiana:


I contacted the Covington council clerk this morning, and the council is still in the “information gathering phase.” At a recent council meeting, Councilman O’Keefe mentioned that the vicious dog ordinance was being reviewed, and a public hearing would “probably” be held, but nothing has been scheduled as of now. The clerk could not confirm anything specific about what the council is working on, but we do know that the initial proposal was breed specific, so we don’t want to let this one fall off the radar.

Those in the area should continue to reach out to their city officials. Let them know you do not support breed specific legislation. Offer your assistance and input to help the city develop an ordinance that benefits the entire community.

Michael B. Cooper
Mayor – City of Covington
(985) 898-4720

Gina Hayes
City Administrator
(985) 892-1811

Bonnie Champagne
Council Clerk
(985) 898-4722


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