BSL ALERT: Viola, Arkansas

The city of Viola, Arkansas is considering a law that would target “pit bulls and other vicious dogs.” Mayor Jackie Estes indicated he plans to obtain copies of the Salem, AR ordinance to use as a guide in drafting their own ordinance. Salem’s law targets pit bulls and rottweilers. The mayor is going to attempt to have a draft ordinance for the council’s review at their meeting next month. The council meets the fourth Thursday of every month.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative letters in opposition to breed specific legislation the Viola city officials listed below. Please also provide them with suggestions and alternatives for their consideration. E-mail contact is available for the mayor only, and considering he appears to be leading the council to BSL, I strongly advise writing to each council member via snail mail.

City Council Members:
Duane Barber
James Collins
Dennis Harber
Amber Williams
Robert Wray

City of Viola
P.O. Box 406
Viola, AR 72583

Phone: (870) 458-2704

Mayor Jackie Estes

The city of Viola does have a Facebook page where you may post your intelligent and respectful arguments against breed specific legislation.

Viola City Council discusses possible vicious dog ordinance

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The mayor spoke to the Council about a citizen’s concerns regarding pit bulls and other vicious dogs. The mayor has contacted the City of Salem and obtained copies of its ordinances controlling these types of dogs. The mayor will attempt to have a preliminary copy of an ordinance for the Council’s viewing next month.


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