Breaux Bridge, LA: Mayor suggests breed ban

The Mayor of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana has suggested to the city council that an outright ban on pit bulls should be considered. Breaux Bridge has a breed specific ordinance in place that targets pit bulls and automatically considers them to be dangerous.

Sec. 5-27. – Pit bulls.
It is an irrefutable presumption that all pit bull dogs are dangerous or vicious. Therefore, any owner, custodian, handler, or keeper thereof must comply with the requirements of this article. Any dog having any physical characteristics of the pit bull breed will be considered a crossbreed and shall be included in the provisions of this section. The breed characteristics include, but are not limited to, muscular brick-like shape of the head, broad back skull, wide mouth, and strong muscular jaw.

It was agreed that a meeting needs to be scheduled to discuss animal control issues. The Council agreed to place this matter on next month’s agenda. As nothing has been formally proposed, residents need to reach out to the Breaux Bridge officials before the next meeting to let them know you do not support a ban on any breed and to offer your suggestions and assistance in helping to create a safer community for everyone – humans and animals alike.

We will monitor this situation until the next council meeting.

Breaux Bridge woman held hostage by pit bull

Breaux Bridge – The issue of animal control came up again at the City Council meeting Aug. 13 when Mayor Jack Dale Delhomme reported he and Police Chief P.J. Hebert became involved in a situation where a loose pit bull held a Breaux Bridge resident captive in her own home.

Delhomme said the lady reported that the dog tried to attack her several times when she attempted to leave her home.

Mayor Delhomme and Chief Hebert said that problems with loose pit bulls have been increasing, with Delhomme suggesting to the council that a total ban on pit bulls be considered.

Hebert, citing his extensive experience in narcotics investigations, said that pit bulls are often raised for two purposes – dog fighting and protecting the owner’s stash of narcotics.

District E Councilman Gary Champagne suggested that the city explore exactly what it is getting for the $15,000 it is paying the parish for animal control service. This has been a source of confusion and contention as the animal control officer works for the St. Martin Sheriff’s Office rather than the parish-run animal shelter, and the SMSO has made the point that their jurisdiction extends only to unincorporated areas of the parish unless a specific request for assistance is made by a municipality.

Chief Hebert, noting that animal control issues accounted for 24 out of 558 complaints handled by his office over the preceding month, said that his department lacks the training, expertise and resources necessary to address this problem.

At the suggestion of Champagne and Mayor Delhomme it was agreed that a meeting needs to be scheduled with SMSO to discuss these issues and work towards a reachable solution. The Council agreed to place this matter on next month’s agenda.


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