UPDATE: Newark, Ohio

We learned in July that residents in Newark, Ohio requested the city repeal its breed specific ordinance and replace it with a breed-neutral ordinance in line with the new state law. The issue was discussed again at this week’s council meeting, but no decision was made. One city councilman wants to pursue a compromise between the city’s current ordinance and the new state law. He claims that the new state law is cumbersome and difficult to enforce. Considering, however, that the new law only became effective in May 2012, its unclear what facts he is basing this conclusion on. The council agreed to look at how other cities in Ohio are handling the new state law and/or the repeal of their current ordinances.

Please continue to contact the Newark city officials and politely encourage them to move forward to amend their current ordinance and remove the breed specific language. You may also want to provide them with the names of some of the many cities that have repealed their breed specific ordinances recently, including, but not limited to: Cincinnati, Toledo, Lebanon, Avon Lake, and Cleveland.

Clerk of Council
Diana L. Hufford
217 Cynthia Street

City Council


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