Newark, Ohio – Council to discuss communications received on repealing BSL

Residents in Newark, Ohio have requested the city repeal its breed specific ordinance and replace it with a breed-neutral ordinance in line with the new state law. The issue has been discussed at several city council meetings, and at the last meeting, City Councilman Marc Guthrie claimed that the new state law is cumbersome and difficult to enforce, and he wants to pursue a compromise between the city’s current ordinance and the new state law. The council agreed to look at how other cities in Ohio are handling the new state law and/or the repeal of their current ordinances.

While formal discussions of the proposal are not on the September 4, 2012 agenda, two separate communications received on the issue are on the agenda:

(1) Katie Bray Barnett, Esquire, an attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, submitted a letter of support in repealing Newark’s breed discriminatory law and encouraged the City to enact a more progressive reckless owner law; and

(2) an apparently anonymous e-mail, referenced only as being sent by, was sent to all council members requesting a first ever meeting for pit-bull victims. I can only assume this e-mail is meant to sidetrack and/or derail the council’s talks of repealing the pit bull ordinance in Newark.

Residents are encouraged to attend the Sept. 4 council meeting. Immediately after the “communications received” portion of the meeting, is time designated for comments from citizens. The public is welcome to attend and address the council. If you are in the Newark area, please make an effort to attend the meeting to show your support for repealing the city’s breed specific ordinance. Meetings start at 7:00 p.m. at city hall.

In addition, please continue to contact the Newark city officials and politely encourage them to move forward to amend their current ordinance and remove the breed specific language.

Clerk of Council
Diana L. Hufford
217 Cynthia Street

City Council,,,,,,,,,,

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