Lawrenceburg, IN – Call for residents to take action

Residents of Lawrenceburg, Indiana are concerned over City Councilman Aaron Cook’s comments regarding pit bulls and his desire to reenact a pit bull ordinance. The city recently repealed its breed specific ordinance. The city clerk has confirmed that there was much conversation regarding pit bulls and a recent incident at this week’s council meeting, but no action was taken by the council. In addition, she confirmed that three of the five council members are opposed to BSL.

City council agendas are not set until the Friday afternoon before meetings, so it is not known if this issue will be brought up again. Council meetings are held the first and third Mondays of every month. You can call the city clerk’s office at 812-537-7136 on Monday meeting nights, and they will let you know if this issue has been placed on the agenda for that evening’s meeting.

At this time, we are asking that Lawrenceburg residents only reach out to their city officials to let them know you do not support breed specific legislation. You can find the representative for your district at this link: If you don’t know which district you live in, the city clerk advised she would be happy to help you.

Advocates in Lawrenceburg will keep us updated on whether this issue needs additional action.


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