Police chief tables proposed BSL for further discussions (Cridersville, OH)

Hats off to the residents of Cridersville for reaching out to their officials to educate and work toward an ordinance that will benefit the entire community. Your efforts made a HUGE difference! After receiving feedback from residents, Cridersville’s Police Chief requested the ordinance be tabled so councilors can review it further.

This issue will be back before the Safety Committee on September 27 at 7:00 p.m. All who are interested are invited to the continuing discussion.

Previous alert for Cridersville, Ohio:

Delay legislation: Police chief requests tabling of dog ordinance

CRIDERSVILLE — A local police chief decided to have an ordinance pulled from its readings, so Cridersville Village Council Safety Committee members could take some more time to discuss the issue.

As the ordinance concerning the keeping of animals in the village was on the docket for its scheduled second reading Monday, Cridersville Police Chief John Drake decided to request the ordinance be tabled and have councilors review the legislation to make it more fair.

“I talked to residents and got a lot of feedback on the topic,” Drake said after the council meeting, “and I told them I would be fair, so I asked council to pull the ordinance, so we can review it to make it fair.”

Ohio legislators recently passed a change in Ohio Revised Code banning pit bull-type dogs as automatically being declared “dangerous” or “vicious.”

Prior to the law that took effect this year, any pit bull-type dog was described as automatically vicious and owners had to adhere to several safety restrictions in order to own the pets. Now the law says pit bulls are not considered vicious until they bite or attack someone.

Local governments could pass other, more restrictive legislation, concerning restrictions on owners of pit bulls or other animals they feel may pose a risk.

At a previous council meeting, Drake suggested councilors designate pit bulls as vicious to help ensure safety in the village.

But after review, Drake decided to look into this topic further.

“Before we pass an ordinance, let’s talk about it some more,” Drake said. “Let’s be fair, we’ve got time.”

After Monday’s council meeting, a resident of Cridersville, talked about pit bulls and educated the councilors on rumors and facts on the dog.

The resident, who owns a 6-year-old pit bull, said it is one of the friendliest pets around and wanted people to understand and educate themselves on pit bulls.

Drake agreed this resident’s pit bull was a nice pet.

All who are interested in this topic are invited to come to the Sept. 27 Safety Committee meeting, where the discussion will continue at 7 p.m.



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