Bryant, Arkansas – Residents take action!

City officials in Bryant, Arkansas are currently gathering information with respect to breed specific legislation targeting “pit bull type” dogs. Over the last several years, communities around Bryant have banned or restricted the ownership of pit bulls. The area is also in the midst of a rental property building boom, and the number of pit bulls animal control has come into contact with has increased.

At this time, nothing has been formally proposed or is before by the council. Residents of Bryant are encouraged to reach out to their city officials to make them aware that you do not support BSL. In addition, its important to stress the difficulties of enforcement and the problems associated with breed specific ordinances. You can find information for your city officials at this link:

Please also share this information with Bryant’s animal control director, Tricia Power, or (501) 943-0489 as she will likely be tasked with creating any new ordinance. You will also want to share with Ms. Power strong breed-neutral ordinances that she can present to the council for consideration.


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