BSL on council agendas for week of 9/17/12

Several areas discussing proposed breed specific ordinances this week. Its important to note that even when issues are “tentatively scheduled,” its imperative that residents attend council meetings to (1) show unified opposition to BSL and (2) to show that you are concerned about public safety in your community. As we know, breed specific ordinances succeed only in promoting a false sense of security in communities, while in reality, these ordinances make communities more vulnerable to problem dog issues.

York County, SC
September 17 @ 6:00 pm at Council Chambers

The York County, South Carolina council approved the first reading of an amended animal control ordinance at last night’s meeting. I have confirmed with the city manager that the amended ordinance does have provisions specific to “bully breed” dogs.

A second reading of the ordinance and a public hearing are tentatively scheduled for the second regular meeting in September on Monday, September 17th.

Alert for York County, South Carolina

Garland County, AR
September 17 @ 5:30 at the Garland County Courthouse

Garland County officials will be discussing animal control at the next Quorum Court meeting on September 17, and the topic of banning “pit bulls” is among the issues to be discussed. The hearing is set for 5:30pm at the Garland County Courthouse where county officials will get public opinion on what needs to be done before moving forward with any legislative action. Officials are reaching out for assistance, so please take this opportunity to work with them towards creating an ordinance that targets irresponsible and reckless dog owners regardless of the breed of dog they own.

Alert for Garland County, Arkansas

Huntington, UT
September 19, 2012 @ 6:30 at City Hall

A resident in Huntington, Utah has brought to our attention that officials are trying to ban pit bulls within the city limits. She has asked for our assistance in educating and offering alternatives to breed discriminatory ordinances to city officials there.

Alert for Huntington, Utah


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