White Rock, BC, Canada: Pit bull ban discussions

City council members in White Rock, BC, Canada previously acknowledged that the topic of a breed ban would likely be on the council’s agenda when they returned from their summer break. The council met yesterday, and the animal control bylaw was on the agenda.

The city staff recommendation upon entering last night’s council meeting was to request the provincial government look at the potential of banning or regulating specific breeds. The written recommendation stated that the municipal bylaws are structured to handle nuisance dogs, aggressive dogs and dangerous dogs, and it is difficult for a municipality to ban or regulate certain breeds of dogs.

While a breed ban seems unlikely, White Rock residents are strongly encouraged to monitor this situation closely. Continue to reach out to your city officials to let them know you oppose BSL, and offer your suggestions and alternatives for their consideration.

Pit bull ban on council agenda
By Christopher Poon, Surrey NowSeptember 18, 2012 2:05 AM

Following a vicious pit bull attack on a four-yearold girl in White Rock last month, city council was expected to discuss the issue and possibility of a municipal-wide ban on dangerous dog breeds Monday night.

While the motion up for discussion did recognize aggressive dogs are a concern within the community, the possibility of a breed-based dog ban in White Rock was unlikely going into the meeting.

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