Marine Corps to ban previously grandfathered breeds as of Sept. 30

Beginning September 30, 2012, pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf hybrids will no longer be allowed as pets on Marine Corps bases. The Deputy Director of Public Affairs at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina says the restrictions are part of an initiative that began in 2009. When the “Pet Policy for Privatized Housing” went into effect, service members who lived on base and owned those breeds were given the opportunity to receive a waiver until the September 2012 deadline. While the 2009 pet policy grandfathered the dogs in, those who own these breeds must now “get rid” of them or find housing off base.

The Corps has also implemented a registration requirement for dogs living on base. During the registration process, base animal control will use DNA testing to determine if a dog is mixed with any of the banned breeds. They will also be testing dogs for aggressiveness. I’m assuming this aggressiveness test will be performed on all remaining dogs, as the specific breeds named in the policy are automatically determined “aggressive.”

Its interesting to note that the video along with the article on the WNCT website features what appears to be a dog fighting and/or cruelty bust and not dogs that are currently living on base. Perhaps the dogs on base didn’t quite meet the stereotype the station was trying to portray as the Corps says the policy is to “ensure the safety” of residents living on base.

In addition, the policy enacted in 2009 also included chows and dobermans. Its unclear whether the failure to mention these breeds is an oversight on the part of the reporter, or if the policy has been amended and these breeds are no longer considered “dangerous.”

Please contact the House and Senate members for your state’s Armed Services Committee and let them know this policy targets responsible pet owners and good dogs, and it forces families with loved ones putting themselves in harm’s way for their country additional and unnecessary stress and hardship.

To find out who your respective members are, please use the below links:

House Armed Services Committee:

Senate Armed Services Committee:


10 responses to “Marine Corps to ban previously grandfathered breeds as of Sept. 30

  1. Thank you so much for this posting. Advocates like myself are trying to help educate military leadership that an adjustment to private contracts are needed. This is not fair to our families who have gone through so much for our country. These bans tie back to making the contracts in private housing suitable for insurance companies and it’s time we bring our science to the table showing that these companies are using faulty statistics to assess risk. Please consider using military family feedback channels, as well as Congress to let our leaders know there is a better way. Here is a link to our polite and respectful petition:

  2. not sure I’m loving the Marines right now

  3. Breed Specific Legislation is as intelligent as Racism. I would think our legislators are more educated than this type of foolishness.

  4. The military doesnt have more important things to spend money on other than DNA testing of dogs, Good Gosh. This is a joke. How many of these animals are gonna die due to someone’s BS rules. And how many of our loyal soldiers are gonna lose their loyal friend.

  5. I am stunned. I would have expected mandatory CGC’s or therapy dog evaluations for all breeds from the Marines rather than draconian reactionary breed specific edicts – that help no one and hurt many.

  6. Is it truly necessary to ban, remove and “destroy” these dogs? And why are only certain breeds (wolf hybrids, dobermans, rottweilers, chows and AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS being targeted? Please explain.

  7. So unfair. They already sacrifice so much and now they have to relinquish their pets due to a breed discrimination.

  8. Clearly you people have never owned any of these animals! This shows your ignorance and breed discrimination!!

  9. When are people going to realize that ALL dog breeds have the potential to bite. My aunt had to have surgery due to being bitten by her TOY POODLE.

  10. Doesn’t anyone remember sergeant stubby? A pitbull and a war hero. How can the military ban a dog that fought by their side. And saved many lives.

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