ALERT: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

As a reminder, this issue came up in late August when the mayor suggested the city should consider an outright ban on pit bulls. The mayor cites attacks by pit bulls and problems experienced by police as justification for a ban. Breaux Bridge already has a breed specific ordinance in place that targets pit bulls and automatically considers them to be dangerous.

Sec. 5-27. – Pit bulls.
It is an irrefutable presumption that all pit bull dogs are dangerous or vicious. Therefore, any owner, custodian, handler, or keeper thereof must comply with the requirements of this article. Any dog having any physical characteristics of the pit bull breed will be considered a crossbreed and shall be included in the provisions of this section. The breed characteristics include, but are not limited to, muscular brick-like shape of the head, broad back skull, wide mouth, and strong muscular jaw.

While the council agrees they want their dog problems to be controlled, not all the members of the council are in agreement with the mayor’s proposal. They would like to see a solution that protects pit bull owners, as well as the dogs themselves.

The mayor plans to put the item on the October agenda, where he hopes the council will discuss it and the issue will be resolved. The city council meets the second Tuesday of every month.

Contact information for individual council members is not available, but you may write to them via the city hall address and fax number with a polite request to forward to each council member, or you may use an online contact form:

Please reach out to the city and encourage them to work with the responsible pit bull owners in the city and not force them to part with their loved family companions.

Breaux Bridge City Hall
101 Berard Street
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
337-332-6023 Fax

Mayor Jack Dale Delhomme
City of Breaux Bridge
101 Berard Street
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana 70517
337-332-6023 Fax

Breaux Bridge Considers Pit Bull Ban

Posted: Sep 25, 2012 4:18 PM CDT

The City of Breaux Bridge is considering putting a ban on a specific type of dog, which they consider, according to a current ordinance, to be dangerous and vicious.

Attacks by pit bulls over the last few years, and problems experienced by police, have prompted the mayor to take breed specific legislation to his council. For the past two months, the council has been considering either a total ban on the breed, or reworking the current ordinance.

The ordinance right now, states, pit bull owners must have $100,000 of insurance, an 8 foot tall fence, and must muzzle the animal when talking it for a walk.

The problem now becomes, punishing the good dogs for the bad dogs, or the good owners for the bad owners, it’s a problem the council is considering.

But not everyone agrees that pit bulls should be treated harshly.

Councilman Menard and fellow council member’s terry Thibodeaux and Gary Champagne all agreed that they do not want to ban the animal, but they do want the problem to be under control, to protect pit bull owners, and pit bulls themselves.

Mayor Delhomme said he plans to put the item on the October agenda, where he hopes the council will discuss it and the issue will be resolved once and for all.

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