Newark, OH: Talks on repeal continue

The city of Newark, Ohio has been discussing the possibility of repealing their pit bull ordinance since July. As we advised in previous alerts, rather than repeal the cities breed specific law, City Councilman Jeff Rath is proposing a compromise. While Rath’s proposal removes pit bulls from being automatically labeled as vicious or dangerous dogs, it establishes special rules for “pit bull type” dogs.

The council is divided on this issue. Councilman Ward favors the city treating “pit bulls” like any other dog, while Councilman Guthrie argues the new breed-neutral state law is cumbersome and difficult to enforce. Councilman Guthrie wants to monitor what other cities are doing with respect to repeal before making any decisions.

The Safety Committee will discuss this issue again in two weeks. Please continue to send your polite and respectful letters to the members of the Safety Committee encouraging them to move forward with repealing their breed specific law.

Safety Committee
Rhonda Loomis
870 W. Church
366-4519 (H)

Carol Floyd
198 Mt. Vernon Rd.
345-5326 (H)

Jeff Rath
1685 Greer Drive W.
344-3688 (H)

Bill Cost Jr.
786 West Main Street
345-0001 (W)

Marc D. Guthrie
1155 Saxony Drive
344-6222 (H)

Council considers change to vicious dog law

NEWARK — City Councilman Jeff Rath proposed a compromise change to the city’s vicious dog law, establishing a separate category for pit bulls.

City Council’s Safety Committee discussed the idea, which removes pit bulls from the automatic label of a vicious or dangerous dog, but sets up special rules for breeds that are considered pit bulls.

The state removed pit bulls from the vicious or dangerous label, relying on a dog’s behavior to determine if it should be so identified. As a charter city, Newark is not required to follow the state on the identification of pit bulls, but must follow the state on using a dog’s behavior to establish if it is vicious or dangerous.

Entire article can be found at this link:

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