Cridersville, OH moving away from breed specific proposal!

At the Cridersville Village Council Safety Committee meeting in June, the council discussed the possibility of adding legislation to continue to label pit bulls as “potentially dangerous” in light of the change to Ohio state law. In May, Ohio adopted a new law which eliminated identifying pit bulls as vicious, and established a series of rules and incidents to determine how dangerous any dog is. The law does not prohibit municipalities from adopting more stringent laws identifying pit bulls and other breeds as vicious, and Cridersville councilors added pit bulls as a vicious animals back into their ordinance.

At that time, the police chief presented the pit bull ordinance of St. Marys, Ohio to the council, and recommended adopting a similar ordinance to “help protect the village.” City officials were divided on the issue, but ultimately decided to have an ordinance comparable to St. Marys drawn up, and then debate and vote on it.

However, before the second reading of the ordinance addressing pit bulls at the August council meeting, Chief Drake requested councilors table the issue after he received much feedback from concerned residents. He advised he wanted to do more research and continue discussions with citizens.

At the September council meeting last week, Chief Drake made a new recommendation which included a leash law and removed the breed specific language from the current proposal. Safety Committee members noted that ALL dog owners are responsible for their pets, and if they attack or bite another, then they will face the consequences. After more research is done by Drake on the leash law in the Ohio Revised Code, a recommendation will be brought from the Safety Committee members to councilors for approval on this issue.

This is an excellent example of how residents can work together with their city officials to create common sense laws that benefit the entire community. We commend Chief Drake for his willingness to listen and accept the input from residents and use their suggestions to come to the conclusion that a breed specific ordinance is not the way to go. Cridersville residents, please reach out to your officials and thank them for their willingness to accept public input, and encourage them to move forward with the leash law.

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