Oct. 12: Bless the Bullys honors…

Today’s honoree for National Pit Bull Awareness Month is Amanda Hayes. Amanda was nominated by Dee Hayes:

Amanda rescued her first pittie puppy (Piko) from a criminal situation about 3 years ago, and together they changed my stereotypical attitude about pit bulls. Amanda has to be one of the most responsible dog owners I’ve ever known, saving a portion of every pay check for her “emergency pet fund” even when she didn’t have enough money for herself. The fund has taken some big hits. Piko had a skin issue that needed treatment, had 3 knee surgeries and recent surgery to remove a corn cob piece from his intestines. He has cost her thousands of dollars and it doesn’t bother her one bit, saying that she would live in her car with her animals if she had to.

She then rescued a 4 yr female from a kill shelter in New York City about two years ago, driving from NH to save her. She named her Mona for her huge ‘smile’. Mona had recently given birth to probably her 3rd or 4th back yard litter and was still lactating and in really bad shape after being found on the streets of Brooklyn, malnourished and so sad. Mona quickly rebounded with Amanda’s loving devotion and now ‘mothers’ the baby kittens that Amanda regularly brings home to foster. The 2 pitties and 5 cats that she owns all snuggle and get along wonderfully.

Amanda continuously posts stories and educates people on the street about pit bull awareness and even fostered one little pittie that was shot in the head during a raid that needed very special care.

Prior to Piko, I was like so many, thinking that every pit bull was mean and vicious. However, now I can proudly say that due to Amanda’s education and devotion to the breed, I rescued my own pittie in June and personally feel the love that they have in their hearts. She even changed the minds of her boyfriend’s parents, especially his dad who did not like ANY dog. Now, whenever they plan to visit, his dad insists that they bring her pit bulls.

Amanda’s devotion to all animals goes back to when she was just a tot and became a vegetarian in the 8th grade because she loves them so much. She is a vet tech who goes above and beyond the job, continually educating herself on medications, ailments, etc. on her own time. Her entire world revolves around her pitties (and kitties) and I can clearly see that she will one day own property where she can rescue as many animals necessary.

Please honor Amanda as a true ambassador for the Pit Bull!

On behalf of Bless the Bullys and the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign, thank you, Amanda, for your dedication to changing the stereotypes and perceptions of pit bulls with all those you come in contact with. Each of us has the ability to make a difference for this incredible breed by changing minds one person at a time, and you are certainly doing all you can in that regard, and obviously inspiring others to advocate for the breed, as well. Great job!!


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