Aberdeen, SD to revisit animal control ordinance

The Aberdeen, South Dakota city council has agreed to revisit the city’s animal control ordinance after the issue was brought up by a resident at the last council meeting. A review of the October 9 meeting minutes only states the resident talked about “dog issues.”

Members of the city council indicated they wanted to talk further about penalties and the definition of “dangerous animal.” In addition, Councilman Todd Campbell stated that “certain breeds” need more scrutiny.

In January 2011, Aberdeen police asked the city council to pass a law banning pit bulls. After work sessions and discussions on the matter, the council voted against a breed specific ordinance in March 2011.

The city manager advised that the council will discuss the animal control ordinance at a work session that will likely be scheduled in November. That work session will be open to the public, so residents need to keep an eye out for notices and agendas on this.

City council to revisit animal laws
October 16, 2012|JEFF BAHR | jbahr@aberdeennews.com

The Aberdeen City Council agreed Monday to take a look at the city’s animal control ordinances, which were discussed at the Oct. 9 council meeting following one dog’s attack on another.

Mayor Mike Levsen said he’s heard from more than a dozen Aberdeen residents following last week’s events, which included a police officer shooting the attacking dog with the owners’ consent. The events concluded with the owners’ decision to euthanize the dog.

Councilman David Bunsness said he would like to talk about more restrictive penalties for pet owners who violate the ordinance. Councilman Clint Rux said he’d like to see the council tighten up the definition of what is a dangerous animal. Councilor Todd Campbell said he’s not for a ban of any type of dog, but certain breeds need more scrutiny than others.

City manager Lynn Lander said the council will discuss the animal control ordinance at a work session. That session will probably take place on a Monday afternoon in November, and will be open to the public.



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