Oct. 18: Bless the Bullys honors…

We’re going to stray a little from the norm with our honoree for National Pit Bull Awareness Month. Today’s honoree was nominated by Eric Hoppman, and Eric nominated his dog, Rhyno.

Rhyno has always gone to Petco, Bark in the Park, and any local dog related event. Rhyno stands out through his awesome temperament and huge size. People know Rhyno by name, even when they haven’t meet him before, and he definitely sends out a great vibe for the breed every where he goes!

Eric and Rhyno live in Cookeville, Tennessee, and if you follow the Bless the Bullys’ Facebook page, you’ve seen pictures of Rhyno at pretty much all the events we’ve attended. Rhyno is a gentle giant and a magnificent represenation of the breed who people simply flock to. That being said, while Rhyno is truly an excellent breed ambassador, Eric is leaving out that he himself is an excellent pit bull advocate.

I have come to know Eric over the years, and have witnessed his dedication to changing perceptions and stereotypes about a breed so dear to him. He comes to community dog events – not with a group or organization, but on his own – to talk with people and hand out educational materials to passersby. People are drawn to Rhyno because of his size and amazing disposition, and Eric never lets that opportunity go by without talking about the breed and all their wonderful qualities. Rhyno is an impeccable breed ambassador because his owner is an outstanding breed advocate.

On behalf of Bless the Bullys and the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign, thank you, Eric and Rhyno, for all you do in our community to raise awareness and educate the public on this wonderful breed. I look forward to seeing you both at future events for many years to come!


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