Oct. 22: Bless the Bullys honors…

Today’s honorees for National Pit Bull Awareness Month are Gale and Dave Frey, another inspiring pit bull rescue team!

Back in 2000, Dave and I lost our rottie, Bucco, to bone cancer. We were grief struck and wanted to save a rottie in memory of Bucco, so we went to an inner city pound. We were heartbroken seeing all the innocent animals kept in horrid conditions. We were shocked to learn that pit bulls and rotties did not leave the pound alive. That day, we pulled one of the first pit bulls to leave the pound alive, as well as a rottie. Dave and I were talking about what we witnessed at the pound, and it was then we decided to start a rescue group, Mutts-Stuff/Phoenix Pack.

We were the first pit bull rescue group in St. Louis. We learned that the metro area needed education, guidance, and advocates for the breed. We worked with bust dogs before it was popular from 2000 to 2007, Stoddard County dogs to Missouri 500 to current. We work with families to teach no-force, positive training with their pit bulls; when funds are available, free spay/neuters; awareness about breed specific legislation; and grade school education about dogs. We also offer dog food when available, an avenue for people who need to rehome or find a home for a pit bull, and offer temperament testing for local shelters and all breed rescue groups.

My inspiration comes from the dogs. To see a dog with no life left in his eyes regain health and self confidence to finding a loving home….priceless. The love and joy I receive from the dogs inspire me to move forward, make a difference one dog at a time, and ignore the politics/drama from humans.

Gale was one of my first mentors when I started rescuing in 2004. It was at that time she put her faith into a new and unknown rescuer, and pulled a skinny, silly bully from a high-kill shelter in St. Louis. That dog was Harlan. Since that time, Gale has been a source of advice and encouragement for me, as well as many other people involved in rescue. She and Dave have hearts of solid gold, and their lives revolve around saving this incredible breed.

On behalf of Bless the Bullys and the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign, thank you, Gale and Dave, for all you do to improve the lives and the reputation of pit bulls. I know you will continue to inspire others to strive to make positive change for these dogs, and you both will continue to work hard and improve the lives of every dog that you meet!


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