Oct. 29: Bless the Bullys honors…

Today’s honoree for National Pit Bull Awareness Month is Janie Whitmer. Janie was nominated by Billie Gass:

Janie started The Mighty Pits Rescue in Central Illinois in an area where there’s a lot of doubt and criticism for it. She has faced many hardships, yet she still finds the courage to trudge ahead to help save these loving dogs, and educate people on their truth. She organizes many events and never lets the set-backs get her down. She helps the dogs, as well as us volunteers, stay positive and learn more each and every day. She’s a trooper, so to speak, and has a huge heart! She is dedicated and always stays determined to help these pups…one paw at a time!

Even though Janie is fairly new to rescue, she is inspiring those around her to do more and be all they can be for the bullys. Her love and enthusiasm for the breed is catchy, and it rubs off on everyone she meets.

On behalf of Bless the Bullys and the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign, thank you, Janie, for working hard for the bullys! Keep up the great work!


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