NPBAD essay contest WINNERS!

In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, Bless the Bullys sponsored an essay contest for young bully breed advocates to explain what it takes to be a responsible pit bull owner or advocate. Essay submissions were divided into three age groups: ages 14-16; 10-13; and 9 and under.

I want to thank everyone who submitted an essay…they were all fantastic, and it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one in each age group. You should all be proud of yourselves for promoting responsible pit bull ownership and being role models for all those around you!

Without further ado, here are the winning essays!

**Winning Essay for Age Group 9 and Under**
Alexis (Lexi) LeSage
Age: 8

One of the best ways to make sure you advocate for your dog is to make sure you give them a good life. If they have a good life then they are happy, so they act happy. Be nice to them, never hit them. Feed them well. Sometimes I feed Grover my own food. He really likes ice cream. You should also teach them obedience and training. We trained our dog. He knows all kinds of tricks. Mom also took him to the dog park because she said socializing him when he is young is important. He has lots of dog friends he also has people friends of all shapes, sizes and colors, but most important he has mom, dad, me and my two sisters and his dob brother a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. If they have a good life they show people they are good.

Even some Pit Bulls who have had a bad life show that they can be great. I read a book “Saving Audie” in that book the dog had a bad life and so did its siblings, but many of them ended up being family dogs showing how awesome the breed really is. It is so amazing that even when those dogs were in such bad health, there were still able to trust people.

I like to talk about my dog. He is great! In my house we have chores and mine is to make sure out dogs have food and water. I am very proud of him. I tell all my friends and teachers about how he is a good ambassador from his breed. My family likes to think that once people meet Grover after being unsure of how they feel about Pit Bulls, they leave our house loving the breed. He will love them too of course. He will especially love them if they throw his tennis ball for him. So, to me the best way to be the best advocate is to treat them good and they will show the world how great they really are.

**Winning Essay for Age Group 10-13**
Mekenna Owens
Age: 11

Owning an American Pit Bull Terrier is an important responsibility. When people ask what kind of dog I own, I always say with pride, “a pit bull” sometimes I don’t like their response, but my family has taught me to always say good things about our breed. It is because of people who use our breed for bad things that make them look and act mean when the truth is they are the best breed in the world. They were once called the nanny dog. We call our dog Grover a manny because he is a boy.

Being a responsible Pit Bull owner is very, very important for these dogs well being. Pit Bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds of dog. Why? Because of irresponsible Pit Bull owners. Some people thing, “mean and aggressive” when they hear the word Pit Bull when they should think, “wow the owner of that dog is horrible.” If you have ever seen the movie The Little Rascals, the dog Petey was a Pit Bull that played with and loved kids, he was not vicious because his owner was responsible.

Good, Responsible ownership-

ALWAYS spay and neuter! Too many Pit Bulls are dying in shelters and we definitely do not need those numbers to go up.

Make sure that your dog has food and water at ALL times

Your Pit Bull just like any dog will need proper veterinary care.

Also Pit Bulls are a very hyper and energetic breed, so they will need lots and lots of good exercise.

Your dog should also have proper training.

Know that you and your Pit Bull are not ruining the Pit Bull reputation more
than it already is, instead be a role model so people don;t think Pit Bulls are scary anymore!

Keep in ind that there is NOT one breed of dog BORN aggressive

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT leave your dog with someone you do not 100% trust will care for your dog properly or will ruin the Pit Bulls reputation.

You NEED to know where your Pit Bull is at ALL times because you DO NOT want something to possibly go wrong.

Being a responsible owner of any animal requires informing yourself on the breed that you have so you know all of its needs and that you can properly care for it.

Sadly, you may have to stick up for your Pit Bull because people have ruined these dogs reputation so badly. Some people may not get more than 20 feet close to you because they are scared.

You can inform the public by, just talking to people about this breed of dog and telling them that they aren’t evil and mean. You can also inform the public about these dogs by having a great example: your Pit Bull.

Also you MUST inform the public on this amazing breed or their reputation will
NEVER EVER go away and you do not want that to happen. So PLEASE be a responsible Pit Bull owner, it is very important to me but even more important to YOUR Pit Bull.

**Winning Essay for Age Group 14-16**
Emily Walls
Age: 16

Pit bull Pride

Owning a pit bull is a lifestyle. You are constantly battling the ridicule and discrimination against your four legged child. When the word pit bull gets thrown around, it no longer means a breed of dog. It is the point where pit bull means “vicious”, “dangerous,” and “out of control.” What happened to pit bull meaning loyalty, unconditional love, and protector? Just like any dog all they want to do is to protect the ones they love. Some people are to close minded to see that. They are quick to judge by what’s on the outside. Never giving a chance to find out what’s on the inside. It is your job as the owner of a pit bull to show them. Show them that its bad owners that give pit bulls their label. Show them that there is no other breed that is more eager to please. Show them that with love and training pit bulls can do wonders. Educate them. Let people know that pits were originally bred to baby-sit and watch the shock fall over their face. Let them know that if pit bulls knew the horrors that were thought of them that although they wouldn’t understand the hatred they wouldn’t judge because of it. Let them know that the death they wish upon a pit bull would be forgiven by that very same pit bull. Let it show that you are proud to own a breed with such loyalty. People need to start pointing fingers at owners, not the dog. No dog is to blame for bad behavior. It is all on the owner. How can people be so ashamed of the racism that happened in the 1900s but not do anything about the racism towards certain breeds of dog. Or in other words, BSL. No matter how you put it, its still racist to me. I am tired of pit bulls being looked down on. I know that my pit bull is 100 times the being that anyone will ever be. I am 16 years old. I know not to judge at first sight. I know that nothing and no one is perfect. I know that pit bulls have a bad reputation. And I am trying to do my part in fixing it. I’m trying to fix the mistakes that adults have been making for years. What I try to understand is where does hatred come from? Where does the need to ban pit bulls come from? Pit bulls aren’t the dangerous ones. Humans are.

*    *    *    *    *

Once again, I want to thank everyone who submitted an essay. I truly enjoyed reading each of them, and I’m so proud and happy to know the future of pit bulls is promising in the hands of so many amazing young breed advocates! Great job, guys!!


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