Please help Phantom get to Bless the Bullys

Phanton at the shelter

Phantom at the shelter

Phantom is a very special dog who has captured the hearts of many people at the animal shelter in Collin County, Texas. He was brought in with flea dermatitis, and because of this, he was overlooked by adopters who came to the shelter looking for new pets. This past week, the shelter announced that it was full and would begin euthanizing immediately. 

The shelter staff and volunteers who love Phantom dearly worked hard to find him a safe haven, and we have a spot for him here at Bless the Bullys. Phantom has been moved to a boarding facility in order to allow us to put a transport together and come up with the necessary funding for it. We are trying to raise funds to help get Phantom from McKinney, TX to Gainesboro, TN, a trip of over 700 miles (one way).

Phantom in boarding

Phantom in boarding

This little guy is so deserving of a second chance, and any amount donated will help get Phantom on the road to his new, happy life!

A chip-in has been set up to help with the costs of boarding and transport, and we would so appreciate any help in getting this precious boy to us!!

Phantom’s Chip-In:

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