Sioux Falls, SD: Council to take first vote on breed neutral ordinance

The Souix Falls, SD city council will hold its first vote on a vicious animal ordinance this week. This issue first came up in June when city councilman Karsky suggested the council regulate the ownership of certain breeds of dogs. The breed specific portion of that proposal was quickly shot down, and after thoroughly researching the matter, the city’s ordinance will focus on irresponsible dog owners and deem dogs vicious based on their behavior.

Under the ordinance, the animal’s owner needs to notify police of an attack and the owner needs to provide assistance to the victim. The proposed ordinance holds the owner more accountable and allows an investigation to label an animal as vicious.

From the time the proposal was brought to the table, the city council expressed a desire to hear from the public and a willingness to work with residents to craft an ordinance that would benefit the entire community. Kudos to city officials for taking the time to thoroughly research this issue and create an ordinance that targets the root of animal control issues – irresponsible and reckless dog owners.

The original alert for Sioux Falls, SD can be found at this link.


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