Schuyler, NE proposal targets SEVERAL breeds

On Tuesday, December 4, 2012, the Schuyler, Nebraska city council will hold the second reading of a proposed dangerous dog ordinance that targets several breeds of dogs including:

American pit bull terrier,
American Staffordshire terrier,
Staffordshire bull terrier,
Dogo Argentina,
Presa Canario,
Cane Corso,
American bulldog,
Chow chow,
and American bandagge.

The council meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m., at the Schuyler Municipal Building at 1103 B Street. This meeting is open to the public.

The proposed ordinance passed the first reading on November 20, and provides that specific breeds not be allowed outside the owner’s property unless restrained and muzzled under a new ordinance being considered by the City Council.

According to the proposal, owners notified that their dogs are dangerous or potentially dangerous would immediately be required to comply with restraint regulations – the dog would not be allowed outside of the owner’s property unless under the control of a person 19 years or older and restrained securely by a harness and leash no longer than six feet and properly muzzled to prevent the dog from biting. Within 30 days, the dog would need to be spayed or neutered and implanted with microchip identification. Owners would also need to obtain and provide proof of public liability insurance of at least $100,000 to the city. The specific breeds would need to be securely confined indoors or in a locked pen when unattended and the owner must post a city-approved warning sign on the property.

In addition to targeting specific breeds as “dangerous,” the proposal goes on to define a potentially dangerous dog as one that inflicts injury on a human that does not require medical treatment, injures a domestic animal, or chases or approaches people with an attitude of attack. A dangerous dog is one that has killed a person, inflicted injury on a person that required medical treatment, or killed a domestic animal without provocation. A potentially dangerous dog that inflicts injury on a human that does not require medical treatment injures an animal or threatens the safety of humans or animals will also be declared dangerous.

The proposed ordinance adequately defines a “dangerous dog,” and, as such, the need to target specific breeds is unnecessary. Please reach out to city officials and encourage them to focus on irresponsible and reckless dog owners regardless of the breed of dog they own.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to the breed specific provision of the proposed ordinance to the Schuyler city officials. Provide them with estimates on the costs of enforcing BSL. Best Friends has a Fiscal Impact Calculator where you can calculate an estimate of the additional expenses on the taxpayers of a community that result from breed specific ordinances. And, of course, provide them with the many reasons that breed specific laws do not work.

Contact Information for Schuyler, Nebraska officials:

David F. Reinecke
Fax: (402) 352 – 3114

City Administrator
Mary K. Peschel
Fax: (402) 352 – 3114

John Eggleston
1st Ward Council Member

Susan Jacobus
1st Ward Council Member

Sheryl Barry
2nd Ward Council Member

David Johnson
2nd Ward Council Member

Lance Johnson
3rd Ward Council Member

3rd Ward Council Member Email:

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