Manly, Iowa upholds pit bull ban

Extremely disappointing news out of Manly, Iowa…

We learned in November that residents in Manly approached the city council and asked them to repeal the city’s pit bull ordinance adopted in 2008, but never enforced. Despite that lack of enforcement, residents received letters from the city in November telling them they had 10 days to remove their “dangerous animal” from the city limits.

The issue was tabled at the last council meeting, and placed on last night’s agenda.

A number of citizens came to the meeting to speak on the issue. Those speaking against the ban argued that Manly already had a vicious animal ordinance, as well as a leash law, and appropriate enforcement of both has been serving the city sufficiently. Those speaking for the ban argued the vicious dog ordinance only applies after a dog attacks (i.e., after a dog has actually PROVEN itself to be a danger.)

Ultimately, the council voted to uphold the ban was 3-0. Two council members were absent from the meeting.

Residents now have until Monday, January 7, 2013 to remove their dogs from the city.

Previous alert for Manly, Iowa:

Manly City Council upholds pit bull ban

North Iowa Media Group
6 hours ago•  By MARY PIEPER
MANLY — The Manly City Council Wednesday voted to uphold its ban on pit bulls.
Pit bull owners who were sent letters about the ban now have until Monday to remove their dogs from the city.

The entire article can be found here

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