BSL forces family to rehome beloved pet (Chariton, IA)

A family in Chariton, Iowa has been forced to rehome their beloved family pet, Zanny. City officials have labeled Zanny  a “pit bull mix,” and dogs that resemble “pit bulls” have been banned in the city since 1988.

On Friday, two police officers showed up at the Connery family’s door to tell them Zanny needs to be removed from town or they would have to put her down. According to the police chief, it should be common knowledge that you cannot have a “pit bull” in the city limits, and it doesn’t matter that Zanny is not a purebred dog – she only has to have the physical characteristics of a “pit bull” to be subject to the law.

Zanny’s owner equates the ordinance to saying any mixed dog cannot be in town because you don’t know what’s in their bloodline. Such a simple statement that demonstrates so well the ignorance around breed specific laws.  More importantly, a dog’s appearance and physical characteristics have sbsolutely no bearing on whether a dog does or does not pose a danger to the community, and its an inappropriate manner in which to make that decision.

Zanny is staying in the country with relatives while the Connery’s try to gather support. They have vowed to fight to change the ordinance in Chariton, and will take the first step of getting the issue in front of the city council. If they are unable to change the ordinance, they will move someplace where their family, human and canine, can be together.

We’ll keep an eye on upcoming city council agendas, and advise when the issue will be heard. In the meantime, we encourage anyone in the Chariton area to show their support and stand with the Connery’s as they try to make positive change.

Its heartbreaking that another family has been forced to give up a loved family companion for no other reason than the way she looks. I am deeply saddened for the Connery’s temporary loss of their family companion, and like them, I look forward to the day she can come home to a city that has repealed their breed specific law after replacing it with a common sense breed-neutral ordinance that focuses on irresponsible and reckless dog owners and doesn’t judge dogs as dangerous based on their appearance.


Family forced to send pit bull-mix away

Pit bulls outlawed in Chariton since 1988

UPDATED 8:06 AM CST Jan 06, 2013

A Chariton family is forced to say goodbye to their beloved pet.

Pit bulls have been outlawed in Chariton for years, but the name pit bull applied to more dogs, which was why one family was caught off-guard when their mixed-breed was ordered to leave town.

Zanny is a 10-month-old dog that first joined her family in June.

“When I got her, they told me she was a mixed dog. When she was a puppy, I didn’t think much about it. She was really small,” said owner Jenny Connery.

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