The media has a responsibilty to the public – WHEN are they going to own up to it?

When is the media going to start taking the responsibility they owe the public seriously?   In April 2012, a golden retriever owned by the McGrew family of Ridgeville, South Carolina, mauled and dismembered their infant son, killing him, while his father slept in another room. Earlier this week, another of the McGrew children was attacked by the family’s dog, and the media’s response to this incident? The media reports that the family has suffered “another violent mishap.” Another mishap?

Mishap, by definition, means an unfortunate accident. This was not a mishap or an accident, this is negligence and ignorance. In fact, the autopsy performed in April on the McGrew’s infant son determined that “parental neglect” led to his death.  Mr. McGrew was charged with illegal conduct toward a child, and is currently awaiting trial on that charge.

How many more children must suffer “unfortunate mishaps” before the media, with its ability to reach millions, realizes its powerful reach and educates parents and dog owners on responsible parenting and responsible dog ownership?  How long can they turn a blind eye?

We’ve become a society that holds no one accountable for their actions, and its especially easy to do when there is a scapegoat available to take the blame that is unable to speak for itself. God forbid we actually put the blame where it lies, even if identifying fault would prevent countless “mishaps” in the future.  You DO NOT leave children unsupervised with dogs – what a simple lesson to be taught and practiced, yet the media refuses to teach and instill this important rule that, when left silent and unreported, has proven over and over to be deadly.

Its time to demand the media take their responsibility seriously, and use their influence to educate the public to prevent tragedies, not simply report them.


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