Action Alerts for residents of KY, OK and MA

Best Friends  has issued several action alerts for residents of Kentucky, Oklahoma and Massachusetts.  If you reside in one of these states, please use Best Friends’ quick and easy letter writing tool to take action and let your voice be heard:


A bill has been proposed in the Oklahoma legislature that would authorize governing boards of incorporated municipalities to restrict ownership of any breed of dog within municipal limits. SB32 declares that an emergency exists, and the Bill is immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety. Oklahoma statute Title 4, §4-46 currently prohibits local, municipal and county authorities from regulating dogs based on breed.

OKLAHOMA RESIDENTS: Take a stand to protect your rights, your community, and your pets. Please let your state legislators know that you oppose OK SB 32.

Best Friends action alert and letter writing tool to contact officials:

More information on the proposed bill:


Boston officials have filed a bill that would reverse the provision on the recently enacted Animal Control Act that prohibits breed specific legislation in the state of Massachusetts.

Best Friends action alert and letter writing tool to contact officials:

More information on the proposed bill can be found at:


Earlier this year, the Kentucky Supreme Court interpreted Kentucky statutes as permitting a landlord to be held liable when a tenant’s dog attacks someone on our about the leased premises. In a plurality opinion, the Court determined that the landlord can be considered the statutory owner of the dog if the landlord has permitted the dog to be kept on the leased premises.

KENTUCKY RESIDENTS: Ask your legislators to pass HB 15 or HB 101 to help Kentucky renters keep their pets.

Best Friends action alert and letter writing tool to contact officials:


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