New York: SB2568 would prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against breeds

A bill has been proposed in the New York General Assembly that would prohibit insurance companies from canceling a homeowner’s liability insurance policy based on the ownership of a specific breed of dog.

SB2568, introduced by Senator Ball, has been assigned to the Insurance Committee.  No hearing date for the bill has been set yet.

NEW YORK RESIDENTS:  Please contact the members of the Insurance Committee and encourage them to pass this bill in order to prevent insurance companies from discriminating against dog owners, an action that creates undue hardship on responsible dog owners.

Insurance Committee Members
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Please also contact your respective legislator for your district and ask them to support the bill, as well. If you don’t know who represents your district, you can find your member here.

Of course, our friends at Best Friends have issued an action alert on SB2568 to allow you to easily voice your support for this bill to your legislators.  For those not comfortable writing their own letters (and even those who are), we strongly encourage using the Best Friends’ alerts as they are extremely well written and always hit the relevant talking points.

Best Friends Action Alert:


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