Arkansas City, Kansas considering repeal of pit bull ordinance

Thanks to Brent for catching this one!

Arkansas City, Kansas is considering repealing the city’s pit bull ordinance.  The city attorney, Tamara Niles, brought the issue to the council advising that the city has had trouble enforcing its current ban on dogs that are at least part pit bull in municipal court.  Ms. Niles advised the council of the difficulty proving that there is “a little pit bull” in a certain dog.

Arkansas City has a generic vicious dog ordinance which prosecutes the owners of dogs whose behavior renders them dangerous which will serve the city better without the need for city officials to make arbitrary guesses as to “how much” or “how little” pit bull is in a dog.

If you live in or around Arkansas City, please reach out to city officials and let them know you support the move to repeal the pit bull ordinance in favor of enforcing the city’s generic vicious dog ordinance for ALL dogs, regardless of breed.


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