Final House vote on HB78 could come this week (Maryland)

HB 78, one of the bills that would reverse the Maryland Court of Appeals ruling declaring pit bulls as “inherently dangerous” and reform Maryland’s dog bite laws, advanced in the General Assembly last week week.

The House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved HB78 which would change the law to say that all dogs, regardless of breed, are presumed to have the potential to bite. But dog owners can rebut that presumption in court by offering evidence that their dog is not prone to biting.

HB78 is scheduled to go before the full chamber, and a final House vote could come by the end of the week.

MARYLAND RESIDENTS:  Please reach out to your respective legislators and ask them to support this bill.  Residents of Maryland can find their legislators here.  If you’re not sure who represents you, there is “Who represents me” link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Its also extremely important to continue to encourage the members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee to approve and move SB160 forward, as BOTH bills need to pass to become law. Remember, these legislators are receiving a lot of correspondence, your letters to them should be polite and respectful (of course) but also brief and to the point. Let them know you support HB160, and you would like them to support the bill, as well.

Judicial Proceedings Committee Members,,,,,,,,,


One response to “Final House vote on HB78 could come this week (Maryland)

  1. The US Government should ask themselves why they use Pitbulls to combat crimes such as drugs, counterfeit currency, bombs, and more then? US Customs had a male Pitbull dog named Popsicle. He was no mix, but a full Pitbull. He found over $140 Million worth of drugs from a pineapple truck and the US Government given him honors. He was on the news, given a medal, and more. Why is the US government from local, state, and federal discriminating their colleagues who work as canine officers? Why discriminate any dog based on breed, gender, and all? It’s wrong!

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