All eyes on Broward County…especially the city officials in Hollywood, FL

In the wake of Broward County’s announcement on Thursday, February 21 of their intent to file a motion seeking permission from the state to enact an ordinance that would allow them to pass a law targeting “pit bulls,” no one noticed that Hollywood, Florida is waiting in the wings and ready to follow Broward’s footsteps. 

According to the City of Hollywood’s spokesman Jamie Hernandez, residents expressed concern about pit bull ownership in the city limits at a recent  commissioners meeting.  Mr. Hernandez acknowledged that state law trumps city ordinances, and Hollywood can’t move on any breed ownership issue unless it first gets Tallahassee’s permission. 

Enter Broward County.

Before Hollywood moves on anything, the city will wait to see happens with  Broward County’s request for permission to enact BSL.

Mr. Hernandez asays the Hollywood City Commission hasn’t proposed any bills that would ban pit bulls in the city limits, but in the event the city successfully lobbied the state for the ability to enact such legislation, that “may” change.  It appears, however, the likelihood of the pursuit of a breed specific ordinance is extremely high as their proposal to the State says the following:

Changing statutes would allow municipalities to enact their own ordinance that treats specific breeds of dogs (particularly pit bull terriers or their derivations which have previously shown a predisposition towards aggressive behavior) differently from other breeds

Recently publicized events involving attacks on people by these or similar types of dogs have prompted the need to address this public safety concern more effectively.”

The results of the Broward County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, February 26 should be of  incredible concern to all Florida dog owners.  Please take a moment before Tuesday to write or call the Broward County Commissioners and ask them to vote NO on the motion Vice-Mayor Sharief will be presenting, which is item #52 on the County Commissioner’s agenda.

You do not have to live in Broward County to send your polite and respectful opposition to the county officials.

Previous alert with contact information for Broward County officials:


4 responses to “All eyes on Broward County…especially the city officials in Hollywood, FL

  1. just like with ALL dogs it is the way they are raised pit bulls are not the only dogs that can cause problems look at police dogs they could attack anyone if they had not been trained to listen and that is how all dogs are they have to be taught to respect people . And when they are not taught to do that and they are neclected they will attack not just pits but ALL DOGS just because you dont hear about the other dogs dont mean it dosent happen so i think if you are going to ban pit bulls in the city limits you should ban all dogs or just have classes on how to take care of them for the the ones who have a pit

    sarah edwards Tampa, Florida

  2. I live in Denver, CO, which is a no pit bull city. The law means if a cop finds a pit bull anywhere in the city limits, even traveling in a car through the city, that dog will be confiscated and destroyed. The law has not stopped vicious dogs, it has not stopped dog fighting rings, it has only destroyed many wonderful, loving pets and innocent animals. Pit bulls are sweet and loving dogs when raised by responsible owners, just like rottweilers, dobermans, shar peis, chowchows, german shepards, and any other breed of dog. ANY dog can be vicious when raised and abused to be. Don’t let this pass, or people will lose their beloved pets. It will do nothing to stop vicious dogs because the vicious people will still be able to get dogs.

  3. Christal Barreto

    I find this absolutely appalling!! This is like a “witch hunt”!! I’m a responsible owner and my dogs would NEVER harm anyone!! People who want to pass judgment need to look at the other end of the leash!!! Stop passing the blame to the dogs!!!!!

  4. Do the research. I have fought BSL laws for years. It is very expensive, and almost impossible to enforce. Nine out of ten people cannot properly identify the pit bull breed. All acts of violence by the breed that has been so sensationalized, are by dogs that are starved, abused, beaten, neglected, and chained to the ground with no socialization. Crucify the cruel bastards that can treat an animal this way, not the animal that had no choice in their own life.

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