Repeal of BSL on Waterford Twp, MI council agenda on Feb. 25

Residents of Waterford, Michigan, as well as members of ODOGS and the Michigan Pit Bull Education Project, will address the Waterford city council again on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. to ask them to repeal the city’s 23-year-old pit bull ban. The groups will be presenting an alternate breed-neutral ordinance for the city’s consideration to be enacted in place of the pit bull ordinance.  If you’re in the area, PLEASE attend the meeting to show your support for repealing the current pit bull ordinance.  Council meetings are held at Waterford Twp Hall, 5200 Civic Center Drive in Waterford.

The groups urging the change are getting a lot of support from not only the community, but from the local media, as well. Close to 200 people attended a hearing in early February, and the residents do have the ear of the council.  City officials continue to encourage people both for and against the pit bull ordinance to sit down with the township prosecutor and discuss their concerns and suggestions. No specific decision on changes to the ordinance have been made, but City Supervisor, Gary Wall, has confirmed the city officials are discussing the issue.

If you live in or around Waterford, Michigan, please reach out to your city officials, meet with the city prosecutor, Walt Bedell, and talk about how to go about repealing the pit bull ban and replacing it with an ordinance that focuses on irresponsible and reckless dog owners instead of deeming dogs as dangerous and forcing good owners to comply with restrictions based solely on the appearance of their dog.

Previous alert for Waterford, MI


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